How To Become Successful In Any Market - The Mindset Principle

I know for a fact that if I were to go backwards in terms of my analysis on my entrepreneurial journey, HARD WORK and CONSISTENCY were the two primary factors that molded me. From applying these, I've gained everything I have now. Even when I was working hard from the start, I lacked the knowledge that I've since acquired regarding the process, and the pivotal facets of my industry that would be the determining factors to my success and ROI for all of that time and hard effort.

This has led to now recognizing and comprehending fully that ANYONE can succeed at their dreams, regardless of their initial situational positions. This is true, because I now understand the process of learning and adjusting. If anybody started a venture they felt was in alignment with their passion, it will enable the hard work necessary - because they enjoy it, and will hardly see it to be "work" as they forge along. The trials and difficulties that arise within entrepreneurship whereby having to identify and properly execute every single piece of a given business will often turn people away. With so much on the table to solve, it'll often make them feel that the overall task at hand would be above them. Upon embarking on the very base level of research, once the complexities have revealed themselves behind what it all takes - people will frequently generate the conclusion that they couldn't succeed at the execution of it all.

However, I also know it to be true from personal experience and 6 years now of close, attentive observation over thousands of coaching members, students, consultation clients, course owners, and just standard social connections that if you simply put your mind to application, the rest will fall into place when coupled with problem solving. What somebody may lack in initial expertise or comprehension of any given field, they can make up for with the hard grit and grind others won't put in. They can OUT-WORK. Through doing so, and seeing failures as more than just a stop sign, and more of a "red-flag for correction", they will empower their future efforts with increased knowledge of what does and does not work. 

After enough consistent application of both the mindset necessary to chase this approach, and the hard work it entails, one may find that they have already pushed significantly through the marketplace they're operating within. This often occurs solely on the basis of having put out the most content and with the best consistency, from having brought more value than the other players in their industry to the market audiences, and from having brought themselves to more problems to innovate solutions for and monetize than their competitors, because they simply were not putting the same hours and elbow grease in to then encounter that same hidden gem. I refer to a problem in business as a hidden gem like this, because problems are the seed for innovators to analyze, and create meaningful and tangible solutions to the market for. 

If you can achieve that level of mastery from being in your space long and hard enough to become an authority on the basis of having developed such innovations, you'll immediately become one of the top earning individuals within that industry.

SOLVE problems. MONETIZE solutions. PROVIDE value, then HELP others who have utilized your solution and graced you with the humbling honor of being a consumer for your newly packaged concept, product, or service.

Solve, Monetize, Provide, Help. 

And if you get good enough at those long enough? You can throw in "RETIRE!" at the end of those four primary facets.

Thank you so much for reading, and if this has brought any value to you or your mindset and actions to come, please share with a friend or somewhere on social - after all, the entire point is to be bringing value to people. If you found some within this article, I implore you as an ethical entrepreneur and a man humbled by your viewership to allow others the opportunity to grow from this as well.

Hustle hard, work smart, and see you at the top my friends. 

Connor Smith

Internet Marketing Professional. Web Designer and Developer. Online Business Development Specialist.