Keys To The Close - Successful Follow-Up Engagements

If you're reading this, you probably have some sort of background in sales. Let's take that skill set you've been developing, and further it! Here's a killer article about the proper mentality to have when following up with your sales, new or old, and how to approach them in such a way that propels them into closing. Eat this up.

Everybody has their own busy life. In order to successfully integrate your product or service into their life in the form of making a sale, you need to give consistent CTA's (calls-to-action) to push the transaction through. But just telling somebody to buy again and again obviously won't fit the bill - you'll need an emotionally intelligent, logically sound, and genuine approach to a prospect that you have been in contact with that hasn't yet purchased, and even more so with older leads that you haven't been in consistent correspondence with.

Products and services provide value, or a solution to somebody's pain points or problems within their life. When following through, my most effective messages to continuing cultivating the relationship and rapport to eventually close have been messages that directly appeal to these issues first. If you target the product or service as the topic first, they'l react with apprehension knowing that cash leaving their pocket would be inevitable if they continued down that path you are asking them to with the conversation. However, if you come out of the gates asking about things they have directly and passionately expressed to be issues they want to be resolved within their life that your product or service can alleviate or assist with, they'll be far more receptive to your further explanations of how your product/service can do exactly that - remove stress from the previously expressed pain point, and allow for a better life thanks to working with you and deciding to finally transact.

For example, in a recent sales situation where a woman had requested information regarding increasing her income through one of my many sponsored opportunities within my program team, she had stated right off of the bat that it's urgent, due to expenses in one of her other ecommerce ventures. She was in need of a side hustle that provided additional capital for adspend overhead (costs of running PPC [pay-per-click] ads in this case).

When following up a couple weeks later after talking price regarding my consultation service, I began by inquiring about the financial state and recent success of her ecom shop. This level of care and attention to detail shows true and genuine intent, and draws the relationship between closer and prospect far tighter. By discussing the ecommerce shop first, it allowed me to uncover additional areas where there were existing issues, all of which my consultation service was congruent with. After portraying persuasively how my service could be complimentary to her situation, and how it could optimize her shop and remove these issues from the equation in her business, she swiftly came to the wise conclusion that it'd be better with me on board, then it would be if she continued stumbling by herself. 

A sale is achieved when you reach this point - the point where the prospect is in agreement that the closer and said closer's service or product can improve their life or business somehow, and that the price of that product or service is correlating fairly with the value. As previously stated in my blog articles and over my social media often before, my very simple equation for successfully closing a sale is as follows;

When perceived value exceeds monetary price, people pay!

This being said, in order to cultivate converting and successful connections, it's often necessary to take extensive notes on each prospect. To track my sales notes and progressions, as well as pipeline value and projection tracking, I currently integrate "Base CRM" into my sales teams and my individual prospecting/lead generation efforts. 

Base CRM (CRM = Client Relationship Management System) is one of many available CRM's in the marketplace today. The associated overhead will calculate out to $25-PU (per user). With Base CRM keeping me closely updated and reminded automatically when follow-up processes are due, I consistently and effectively stay on top of all of my potential sales, thus maximizing my revenues as a result.

When both tracking and following up successfully with your prospects, you'll see a significant increase in your sales almost immediately as time elapses since your previous interactions with older leads, and as you choose to engage them more intelligently and thoroughly. You'll notice right away that when coming into a conversation informed around the prospects pain points, desires, and needs, you're a hundred times more equipped to effectively position the value of your product or service in parallel with their requirements and desires.

Connor Smith

Internet Marketing Professional. Web Designer and Developer. Online Business Development Specialist.