The Right To Referrals - Marsupial Method

This post is going to go into one of the most crucial and absolutely essential methods within sales to maximize the return off of each and every client without directly taking from them, and keeping everybody happy and fairly compensated. The following will go into brief detail about the power of referrals, and one of the best methods to obtain them; the Marsupial Method.

Referrals, by nature, result from a job well done. This being said, quality in work is vital. You, as the company rendering this client services or a product that will help them significantly in some way or another, are completely deserving of referrals to result from a good experience on the customer's part. But this being said, how should one go about acquisition of these valuable referrals?  The answer resides in a very uncommonly known strategy known as the Marsupial Method, whereby the sales closer/representative, during negotiation, offers a significant discount off the top of the service or product before finalizing the sale, in exchange for something that only takes a little reaching out on the client's part to his or her network; three referrals.

This strategy is very lucrative because every client, if this method is applied, will lead to three more clients. And if Marsupial is exercised with those next 3 clients additionally, then those three will lead to nine more, and nine to twenty-seven, and so forth. Essentially, this method utilizes your existing base of clientele before the sale even occurs in order to drive yourself additional qualified leads to close with. 

I hope that this post has assisted you all with your closing efforts, and that you may find more success than ever through the consistent implementation of this strategy's principles. 

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Connor Smith

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