Introduction To Prospecting - Art Of Lead Generation

All training aside, let's think critically for a moment. Every person that needs a website won't just go out there and state that is the case, meaning you have to have some system or method to identify and connect with prospective clients. This is the art of Lead Generation. 

This post is one of many in a long series to come that will delve into the world of lead generation, client prospecting, and analyzing, assessing, and prioritizing leads and therefore all of your sale's efforts. Lead Generation is an absolutely essential step in any sales process. Without leads, you can't close sales to begin with. If you have been studying my blog thus far, you would have a pretty solid understanding of how to negotiate with clients, and that level of understanding will continue to increase as I proceed to blog and notify you all. However, we have to all take a step back, and really research and properly comprehend the process behind finding potential clients in the first place.

There's a certain mindset that lead generation entails. While there are plenty of extremely helpful systems I could mention, that isn't the point of this particular posting. The goal of this post is to accentuate the thought process required to find and make connection between a sales associate and a prospective client. Networking plays highly into all of this, and will determine the web of people that you have at your disposal to pitch inquiries out with in order to identify anybody they can refer to you as a potential client, or lead.  But without networking in play, how else can one make those necessary connections to be bringing in sales if you aren't working in a call center where such leads are already provided to you?

Social media, arguably, is the foremost lead generation strategy, as it establishes your business's brand as well as extends and exposes yourself to a massive community of prospects, and people that are actively searching for your products or services to solve their problems. This being said, there are millions and millions of potential clients out there. The disconnect for many sale closers is how, exactly, does one find and meet them to potentially negotiate a deal to provide the aforementioned product or service?

Demographic targeting is used to define a specific "target audience profile" that determines the exact crowd of people that an advertisement campaign is meant to impact the most. This is helpful to know for any social media campaign because it helps determine the proper hashtags to use in order to reach potential customers, and will also get more content regarding your company out there, raising your brand awareness.

The more your brand is grown, the more your phones will ring off of the hook. But if they aren't currently, getting your brand well established and marketed is absolutely essential. You have to cast a very fine net into the right pool of people, and lead generation is the practice of making that net as fine and accurately cast as possible, metaphorically.

I will go into far greater detail about additional lead generation strategies for you all soon, so actively keep an eye out for additional postings on this blog!

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