Niche Networking - Pro Tip For Successful Networking

To the tune of my last two blog posts, this post will continue in elaboration on the topic of networking. Specifically, this post will go in depth about one massive tip that I have found to be success inducing.

Everybody has a different niche and industry, and therefore, target market. The biggest question not only in sales, but also in networking, is where is it that people can connect with either customers or potential partners and mentors that they can network to in order to further their success? 

I have discovered 2 primary methods that have allowed me simple and often cheap access to effective groups of targeted people that I can network and connect with for business purposes. These two methods are listed below;

  1. Webinars, online seminars and conference calls, and tutorial sessions
  2. In person seminars and conventions, or small group meetings

Let's start first with discussing the first listed method. Webinars are very helpful towards meeting others that are in your specific niche. They are highly targeted pools of people attending these online webinars because all of them have the exact same objective for attending that particular webinar; to learn the content being taught by the webinar host. This being said, if you can find a webinar that is in your niche, you can attend it and not only learn something valuable potentially within you niche, but also connect with other potentially beneficial individuals that you can leverage for clients or assistance or any number of other things. The issue that you may often encounter with webinars of a larger size is that there can be so many people in that given session that none of them will actually notice your comments, and it is next to impossible to line up a solid, consistent conversation, and much less obtain contact information. I suggest going for webinars that are a much smaller group of people that you can better connect with. Webinars are often found within social media, typically Facebook. This is because this is primarily the platform that the webinar hosts are trying to gain an audience from. On this same note, you can also attempt to host a webinar or online conference session to meet interested people and give a call to action at the end of the session asking the attendees to contact you further.

Secondarily, we have the in person, more original method of networking. This being said, it is mainly the same sort of concept. Facebook will be a great place to obtain information and access to these offline events, and if you have the capital and potentially the reputation and audience, you could attempt to host your own event by renting a venue and setting up the marketing campaign to gain traffic and to get people to opt-in for the event to attend it.

Both of these options are easier, far more targeted methods to obtaining targeted, high quality traffic that will either convert to sales, or will provide seriously vital opportunities or connections to you and your company. I hope this pro tip has helped, and there are many more to come!

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Networking 101 - Socialites And Success

My previous blog post was surrounding a few of the primary benefits that networking successfully with others can bring. Some of these benefits include access to discounts, private goods and services only available to few, other people's "Rolodex" that can benefit you and your business, and much more. I suggest warming your mind up to the concept of networking by reading the previous blog post before delving further into this one.

This post is written for the purpose of training you all on how to effectively network yourself out to a base of beneficial people that can improve your life and business in one way or another. The first element in networking is a place factor. By place factor, I mean where it is that you are positioning yourself with the sole intention of networking. In such a case, there are particular qualities in an area to look for. Is the area run down, or higher scale and well kept? Also, do the people carry themselves professionally in the way they walk, act and dress? These are a couple of the important, highly vital variables to look out for when selecting an area to prospect in for networking purposes. Of course, networking is meant to be a genuine, person-to-person connection that creates opportunity. But sometimes, when you are stuck and need assistance in business, or simply wish to expand your network of contacts, it is wise to deliberately seek to network with others. In such a case, where does one look?

Typically (and this is highly dependent on the industry), urban environments whereas a large populace of different, unique people can be found is the best style of location to network within. And as I often preach to my associates within my web design and development corporation, Aspire Consolidated, dress to impress. If you look ordinary within a crowd of people that haven't a clue who you even are, good luck trying to attract professional, beneficial attention. You have to dress like you mean business. Which often means formally. Here is a pretty common example that had occurred to me a month ago. Me and my team from Aspire were having a meeting in downtown Bellevue, when we migrated from out meeting place over to a public meeting table a few blocks down. When we arrived at the table, a gentleman by the name of Svet Nazarov was already occupying this table. I approached him, inquiring when he would be wrapping up so that the table would be available for our use. He was dressed sharp as well, alike everyone attending that day's Aspire Consolidated meeting. Next thing we knew, we were delving into a large conversation regarding sales and lead generation, and my company's niche, web design and development. The sporadic, spontaneous conversation resulted in an agreement towards over $800 in sales, and soon after, Mr. Nazarov proceeded to become a part of Aspire, leading our sales team to success for multiple months impressively. He also specifically remarked that if it weren't for the fact that me and my guys were wearing business professional attire, the deal wouldn't have closed.

This small excerpt from one of my personal sales and networking experiences boldly highlights the fact that not only is it essential to look in smart regions for other like-minded professionals to meet, but also, you have to look your part to get any actual serious consideration in the first place. I could go on for pages and pages regarding situations in which I've encountered people that benefited me or my organizations, but I think the point has been made clear. However, if any of you would like to hear additional situations whereas networking worked in my favor and how, then I would love to share to further your knowledge about what to do, and where to do it to become successful networking pros. Email me at anytime at to go in depth on this blog post's topic with me.

I much appreciate you all reading! Stay tuned for additional elaborations on network marketing and networking in general.

Introduction to Networking; The Power of People

Throughout the extent of my blogging so far with The Success Blog, I have covered various topics ranging from how to close sales in person or over the phone, CRM systems, the influences to a person's mindset and how it effects their drive, and what categories of people make the most influential impact towards our hustle for success.

Now, I will be delving into Networking, which is a decently broad category of sales and marketing in general that covers interaction between people and how you can benefit from certain interactions, and how to leverage the power of connection to further yourself and make money.

So, please stay tuned with my blog over the duration of the next few days to a week to learn about the power of networking and connections, and how leveraging them properly can cut massive corners with gaining success and shoot you to the top far quicker, bypassing massive obstacles with other's resources otherwise impassable or very difficult and time consuming to overcome. 

"Sometimes it's who you know, not what you know" 

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Client Relationship Management Systems

Alright everybody, I have, so far, outlined several essential processes regarding closing sales, from in person conduct and strategy to techniques over the phones and how to proceed smoothly. From all of that free training I have generously provided you all, I would like to elaborate on how to keep all of those clients happy, satisfied, and well-recorded.

This post will be going into brief detail about CRMs, or "Client Relationship Management Systems". These are essentially user friendly, interactive databases that will allow you to input and track clients as their situations progress, and also allow you easy access their project or case files during or after their project has been completed already, or is currently undergoing development.

For example, the industry leader in  CRMs for sales tracking is currently Their platform is geared more primarily towards the tracking and closing of prospective clients for your business, also known as cold or warm leads. It lays out all of your active leads, prioritizes them, and allows for seamless closing for the company representatives you ave delegated the task to. All of these factors allow for higher closing percentages, and overall, more business for your company. 

I would highly suggest procuring a CRM system for your organization. Be it a CRM geared towards sales such as SalesForce as previously referred to, or a different style that is more alike a database to track previous clients in the case they call with complaints to allow for easy and organized access to their overviews.

Hopefully this posting has brought value to you all in terms of yet another essential business tool to add to your base of knowledge. And as always, reach out with any questions to!