Introduction to Networking; The Power of People

Throughout the extent of my blogging so far with The Success Blog, I have covered various topics ranging from how to close sales in person or over the phone, CRM systems, the influences to a person's mindset and how it effects their drive, and what categories of people make the most influential impact towards our hustle for success.

Now, I will be delving into Networking, which is a decently broad category of sales and marketing in general that covers interaction between people and how you can benefit from certain interactions, and how to leverage the power of connection to further yourself and make money.

So, please stay tuned with my blog over the duration of the next few days to a week to learn about the power of networking and connections, and how leveraging them properly can cut massive corners with gaining success and shoot you to the top far quicker, bypassing massive obstacles with other's resources otherwise impassable or very difficult and time consuming to overcome. 

"Sometimes it's who you know, not what you know" 

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Overview of

Hello everyone! My name is Connor Smith. This is my personal business website, where I will be posting daily blog posts, tweets, and other content that I create in order to further you all as a business person. 

I will be mentoring the audience of this site on internet marketing concepts and how to drive traffic to any website, how to optimize the conversion rate of that site, and ultimately make sales from that process in the end. Also, I will be posting content very frequently regarding sales and negotiation, as this is the driving force behind any business's success. 

You may have the best website in the world, or the highest quality product or service out there, but without adequate knowledge of sales and marketing and how to effectively negotiate, you'll never acquire clients. 

My goal with this website is to educate and train entrepreneurs, hustlers, or other aspiring business people with the skill set and knowledge necessary to find massive success. Check my blog often for my daily posts! I'll also be releasing high value content for absolutely free to further your knowledge as the blog and my site progresses. 

The first free content that I will be releasing relatively shortly is a vital e-book on boosting your success with Instagram, and how to effectively grow an account and market yourself with it.

Stay tuned, and thank you all so much!