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Over the past month...

I have developed a Facebook Group and private membership WordPress website supporting a group of students that I'm teaching a multitude of different internet marketing strategies to promote a series of internet marketing opportunities and systems.

Throughout my extensive research of which programs would be the best ones with the most longevity to secure my group under, I have bought into and operated 2 primary programs; Easy1Up, and Exitus Elite. These programs and highly trending, highly successful, and relatively simple to promote with the proper guidance.

I've only been actively promoting these programs for 12 days now; before that, the month was spent prepping strategies and the website/Facebook group. My results have been great with Easy1Up (see results below), and I just bought into Exitus Elite and started promoting it yesterday alongside multiple partners and marketing specialists much alike myself.

My Day 10 Easy1Up Results;

And as great as those results may be for just 10 days, there is much more potential with this...

The very cool part about the handful of programs I have selectively sponsored for my private marketing group is this; whichever level you buy in for, is the exact amount you make per sale. 

This means that whenever you sell the product behind the system (a package of internet marketing training videos in a digital education library), you'll make commissions according to what you go in for. Think of this like a franchise business; by purchasing the library level of your choice, you gain the license to make unlimited sales at that same package for 100% commissions for that same amount.

Within Easy1Up, there are four seperate level options of internet marketing training packages. They are listed below;

  1. Elevation ($25 Package Price, $5 Admin Fee, $30 Total) - You make $25 per sale when you sell this level
  2. Elevation Elite ($100 Package Price, $10 Admin Fee, $110 Total) - You make $100 per sale when you sell this level
  3. Vertex ($250 Package Price, $25 Admin Fee, $275 Total) - You make $250 per sale when you sell this level
  4. Vertex Elite ($500 Package Price, $50 Admin Fee, $550 Total) - You make $500 per sale when you sell this level

The program is comprised of a member website with done-for-you marketing campaigns, over 50 comprehensive internet marketing training videos with over 40 hours of total content, and lead management tools including your own lead capture page to send traffic to. This makes selling the program pretty simple to begin with if you have previous marketing experience. You also receive a very high quality video production landing page that you can send to your leads to have the "selling and telling" done for you automatically as well. And unlike so many other programs where their intro video is so damned long nobody will ever even be likely to watch it all, Easy1Up made the wise decision of making theirs just 8 minutes long.

And if you don't have any existing knowledge about marketing tactics on social media or with advertisements, that's the entire point of my Facebook Group and the Private Marketing Group site. Our group is called The Inbound Commission Project. Upon joining, not only are you added to the Facebook Group with all of our other members, but you also gain access to a private drop box file with 90+ ready-made social media posts for Facebook to assist you with the marketing strategy execution. 

We train every single member than joins us 1-on-1 over Skype literally sharing our screen to make sure you are understanding the strategy, and succeeding with it (this is available for people that have gone in at least with the $100 level to prioritize serious members that are willing to really get some skin in the game and hustle hard with this).

Now, as awesome as Easy1Up sounds, it gets even better;

One of my partners within this whole venture is a 17 year old badass, Robbie Godsell. Robbie has racked in absolutely insane results with several internet marketing systems similar to Easy1Up before I even got started on these; his best program so far has been one called Exitus Elite. 

Exitus Elite has the exact same structure as Easy1Up. You make the exact amount per sale as the level you buy in at, and the product you're selling is also a huge library of internet marketing training videos and other content. This product package overview can be found by clicking right here. However, the Exitus Elite program costs $1,000 for the product package, and $300 for the membership fee. But, of course, this means that every sale you make with this platform is a freaking grand. Yes; $1,000 commissions straight into your bank account upon sign up. You can find member testimonials and other success stories by clicking here.

Robbie's Exitus Elite Results Since July 31st;

In the mere 10 days of active promotion, we already have over 33 fresh members on the team, thanks to our comprehensive marketing plan and prospecting strategies we have laid out for this particular system. We're now focusing on training others how to become successful online selling these amazing programs, and this is how we typically do so;

Firstly, we bring in a new member wherever they are financially capable of signing up at. Obviously, going in higher definitely is the best way to go, as you'll make massively more money at the higher levels, and it isn't any more difficult to sell as they get more expensive due to the layout and excellent content displaying of the websites, and the great videos that are provided. 

As that member makes sales in this program, we have them upgrade to the next level, so that they are "working smarter, not harder", and making far more money for their consistent efforts applying our free sales strategy. This is also what I would suggest you do for your own members; that way, you make more money when they succeed and upgrade, and they make more cash as well, which provides you with a strong success story to further market yourself with.

So, across the 2 programs Robbie and I are actively promoting and training with, here are the level options to purchase (along with associated costs), then begin promoting and making massive sales at the same amount as the product package you select;


  1. Elevation: $30
  2. Elevation Elite: $110
  3. Vertex: $275
  4. Vertex Elite: $550

Exitus Elite;

    5. Exitus Elite Genesis Product Package Level: $1,000 Product Package, $299 Membership

This being said, all you have to do to begin making $25, $100, $250, $500, and even $1,000 sales online by the day is to reach out, and request a coaching call over Skype so that we can get you onto our team and rocking and rolling, and show you step-by-step precisely how to sell whatever level you choose.

After all, if you're even reading this right now in the first place, it means I know what I'm talking about in terms of digital marketing, and that I can certainly train you individually on how to succeed promoting these systems.

Hopefully this system review about internet marketing optimization and opportunities have been valuable to you! I thank you profoundly for taking the time to read, and I wish you the best success in your life. However, I would absolutely love to have you and work together! Please subscribe to my newsletter below if you haven't already, and email me from to join up and start promoting today! You can also go to my link for Easy1Up here to sign up and get started immediately; Click Here Now. You can also sign up in the big leagues with the $1,000 commissions on my Exitus Elite team, By Clicking Here And Signing Up!

More posts coming soon overviewing additional programs as I check them out. But for now, these are the trending programs to jump on! 

Cheers, and I look forward to hearing from you shortly! Let's kill it! 


Connor Smith

Internet Marketing Professional. Web Designer and Developer. Online Business Development Specialist.