Factors Of Achieving Success - My Take

Hey there, and thank you so much for reading my blog post! In this post, I will be laying out some of the primary factors that I have observed in individuals and establishments that have achieved massive success, and why I believe those factors to have been significantly instrumental in the upbringing of that high-achieving entity, be it a company, or otherwise. 

But before we dive into it all, we have to first clarify something. Success is defined in many ways, however for the purposes of this blog post, I intend that "success" is being measured by monetary gain, and financial freedom and prosperity.

This being said, here are some valuable "keys to success" I have observed of others in my days as an internet marketing professional and online business owner:

  1. Solution to a common problem (product or service)
  2. Significant publicity relative to audience size of niche (become a niche authority, dominate the specific market or at least establish a significant following)
  3. Affordable pricing with flexibility in payment plans for higher level products or services to spread out payments so that more people can move forward with purchasing
  4. Aesthetically pleasing and highly functional website or landing page that converts so that the owner is making as many sales as possible from the amount of traffic they are receiving
  5. Email list so nobody is left out of sales cycles, and more income for individual/company as the subscriber list grows (exponential growth of residual income)
  6. Tri-package price options (common method whereas there are three tiers of pricing to appeal to different affordability rates for prospects, leaving no sale behind)
  7. Automation of delivery of product, or team delegation for completion and delivery of service
  8. No negative public relations can be found because of prompt refunds and high quality of service or product
  9. Maintained a majority, if not all, equity and profit sharing so that very little income from the venture had to be sent elsewhere, meaning higher profit margins for the owner
  10. Tight-knit team that has been delegated enough tasks to allow the owner to continue cranking out more content for the loyal followers, rather than having to complete menial, basic tasks that are the basic ground work of the operation

Of course, there are also additional factors that will play a role within the efforts of climbing to success for everybody. Among those are definitely ones of mindset. Without the proper drive to execute on these 10 key points above, nothing is going to get done regardless of having "the perfect plan" in place.

I am pondering elaborating on these points in blog posts to come, as well as making the list longer. Also, I am thinking that I will consolidate all of these factors into an ebook in there near future in order to provide a simple, clean display of my findings regarding the top factors and features that you should perfect when creating an online business. 

There are millions of successful people in the world, representing that top 2%. Some got lucky, but some followed a formula to success devised by mentors of the previous generations. But to achieve success ourselves from the ground level, we have to analyze how these millionaires and billionaires had achieved their goals. 

The goal of this blog post was to provide some hopefully valuable insight in terms of what pieces of the puzzle I've noticed that the hugely successful individuals had nailed down, and to share that insight with you in the hopes that you might be able to implement it yourself within your business.

Bullet list as it was, there are likely many questions that I will receive from my subscribers regarding clarifications they would like me to make about some of these points. If you are one of these people, and would like to Skype or hop into a phone call with me personally to discuss any of the points in this posting, I would love to do so. 

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Connor Smith

Internet Marketing Professional. Web Designer and Developer. Online Business Development Specialist.