How To Make Money Online - Basics

Many people wonder how it is that the mastermind "gurus" and "mentors" online make their money providing the ebooks, video courses, training programs, consultations, and other knowledge based packages online. It's a golden question for many, but the even more burning wonder is; "Can I Do It Too?".

Yes, yes you can. 

What people don't realize about the internet now-a-days in terms of monetizing (making money from) their websites, blogs, or social media accounts is that websites are the new retail stores that you would walk into casually on a weekend shopping. The world is becoming ever increasingly digitized, and appropriately enough, so are our commerce experiences.

Part of what I teach in my programs behind Connor Markets is how to make money online, how to grow a social media brand, and most importantly, how to monetize it.  

Essentially, making money from the internet on a consistent, reliable basis successfully is determined by a couple key factors:

  • Audience
  • Valuable Content
  • Products or Services
  • Strong CTA's (calls to action)
  • Email Marketing (automated upselling)

Point by point, here we go!

First off, we have audience. One of the most important factors in the list for sure. You need to have a large following to make sure that when you give a CTA (call to action) such as "buy now" for one of your products, there will be enough people so that it'll be worth it in terms of your ROI (return on investment). If you spent $10 on a Facebook Ad Campaign, for example, and reached 5,000 people, you need to make sure that your post is well designed and engaging so that your conversion rate (percentage of people effected that actually take action) will make you enough money to outweigh your costs. That's the essential overview of why it is important to get your promotions and content in front of enough people, however this will be elaborated upon in my next ebook series all about teaching success on social media. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to get updates on this!

Next, we have "valuable content". Obviously, no matter how large or small your audience may be, you'll never convert a single viewer, subscriber, or follower into a sale unless your content is seriously stellar to begin with. This means that your social media posts are fun and exciting, well designed graphics from high-resolution images with witty and intriguing captions. There are many tools that will help for this, my primary suggestion for graphic design purposes that is both free and very easy to use is Canva

Once you have your social media accounts up and running, you have a good following, and you have solid content down and posted, you're ready to get the ball rolling in terms of sales. This is where "products or services" come into play. While there are many ways to monetize any given following or audience that you may have accumulated, the best is always to either sell an informational product training others on key topics in your niche, or to provide a service that essentially preforms the tasks behind those key topics for the prospect. In my case, I not only am launching an ebook series about internet marketing, but I also provide services that complete the tasks I train others on for them, for an increased price. 

Additionally, we have "strong CTA's". Strong Calls-To-Actions (CTA'S) are very important because if you do a bad job asking for somebody to purchase something, opt-in to your email list, or any other engagement or conversion action you want people to take, then it sure as heck won't happen. This being said, it's very important that you word things properly, and give clear and concise reasons as to why somebody should choose to take the step you want them to take.

And finally and most importantly, email marketing. This gets pretty technical eventually as your layers to your email list grows; but put simply, email marketing through Communications Agencies such as Aweber, GetResponse, or MailChimp allow you to not only keep in touch with previous prospects and customers for your venture, but also, this will enable you the option of selling additional or new products or services to them later down the road. It will multiply your sales exponentially, comparative to the amount of subscribers you have, how many releases you make, and how well your emails convert. You email conversion rate is effected primarily by something called copywriting; copy is the text in emails that closes the sale. It's the way you say things, when you say them, who you say it to, and what you say. Those are the 4 key aspects to copywriting, and again like all of this content, these things will be covered in depth in my upcoming ebook series.

I hope that this has provided some valuable insight for you in terms of what successful people online utilize in order to make their millions! For more training, advice, and free pro-tips, please subscribe to my email newsletter to stay in the loop with the Connor Markets Success Community, and to work alongside me! Also, you'll get a pretty handy "heads up" when another of these diamond blog posts go out! 

Thanks much for reading, keep the hustle up, and read some more of my content to get a better idea of how all of this ties together! Feel free to leave a comment, like, or shoot me an email from the contact page with any questions or comments!




Connor Smith

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