Mastering Mindset - Mentally Motivated

This blog post interrupts the series on lead generation, as that will continue in my upcoming eBook that will be released in 2-3 weeks from now (2/22/16). Representing the first of several posts in this vital category of success, this post begins the topic of mentality and staying driven enough to make significant progression on a consistent basis. 

Here is one concept I found very useful. Find out what you envy. Most people have been habitually trained to ignore those they find that they envy, or to suppress the feeling. However, this is a very foolish notion, because envy is what drives the human mind to seek to copy. If you envy somebody because you are jealous of their success or whatever else, you will either hate them if you are demotivated, or you will try to match or surpass their success if you are motivated enough to take significant action towards doing so and making it a reality.

Therefore, envy is one of the mental tools in the toolbox that anybody can utilize. Find an idol or somebody that you wish you were or wish you had certain aspects of their life that you consider to be superior to your own, then actively pursue attaining those factors of life through hard work, perseverance, consistency, and research.

And on the note of research; the more you know, the more mentally fit and motivated you naturally become (scientifically proven time and time again). You need to eat, sleep, and breathe your niche in order to succeed in life, or else you will never become the niche authority (the person with the power and say-so in your field of practice/work. Also the person that other people in the same niche envy!). Never stop in-taking knowledge for any reason. Industries are ever-changing and evolving, and you must have enough acting intelligence in your field to adapt and overcome any changes that may disrupt your techniques.

Application of effort towards either a working system, or towards proven knowledge will always yield results. This being said, make sure you have enough;

  1. Envy Towards Niche Authority
  2. Knowledge Of Niche
  3. Drive/Motivation To Apply Knowledge + Envy Consistently

If you can implement this formula into your life, you'll find it will be pretty easy after drilling these concepts for a good 67 days (time it takes to psychologically form habits) to remain on track and to be knocking down tasks ahead without procrastination, hesitation, or any mental barriers what-so-ever.

Thank you all for reading, and I hope this has helped out! For more information of lead generation prior to the full launch of my eBook featuring all of these blog posts as well as several pages of elaboration on all topics, please email me from the Contact & Hire Page!

Connor Smith

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