Millennial Mindset - Generation Shifts

As many have likely noticed by now...

The game has had a massive shift. The path to success isn't necessarily the traditional route of "jumping through all of the hoops", proceeding to wave your transcript and other credentials and commendations around to colleges, cross your fingers to nail down a prestigious scholarship, then get your "receipt" for it all (of course, this refers to your degree) by the end of the line.

But then what?

Post-completion of college, young adults are spat out into a world and into a scenario that despite our traditional scholastic system's best efforts, we are completely and utterly unprepared for. Yes, we know by now how to go grocery shopping and such; but unless you majored in finance and accounting, you likely have no idea how to do your own taxes, you have no basis of understanding of how to make money other than getting a job with your sparkly new certifications, and aside from all of that, there's the looming statistic that under 20% of all college graduates even from IV League institutions even manage to land a job in their targeted field that they had just spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and four years of their life to specialize in.

There's a new reality in this digital age of entrepreneurship.

In recent years, there's been a massive swapping of roles; a monumental shift of responsibility. To elaborate; it used to be the case that younger aspiring entrepreneurs and business people would turn to their elders and family, who may potentially guide them to success in their particular niche. However, as practically every business model in the world is forced to adapt to the ever-changing technological advancements implemented by competitors, the practical and "old school" advice of the previous generations are becoming highly outdated. 

Specifically, traditional methods of advertisement are rapidly fading into a thing of the past as their methods become obsolete, making way to new, far more targeted and higher converting digital marketing solutions. No more billboards, people. And as we all are well aware of in the marketing world; you can have the best product or service on the planet, but without effective marketing tactics and proven numbers behind your approaches, you're desperately spewing money out the door and shooting from the hip. This "spray and pray" marketing strategy is becoming the norm for our previous generations, as they desperately continue what used to work for marketing their business, rather than catching on and adapting to the digital world. 

It's millennials like myself and other digital marketing experts in this decade that have the duty and responsibility in the business world to properly educate and demonstrate the recent dynamic shifts in the marketing space to older, less savvy generations. That's why I've taken it upon myself to develop the content I've put out there. But my point is emphasized. Now-a-days, we are the go-to people others turn to. This expansive demand for digital marketing solutions makes this the perfect time to establish a digital marketing firm or agency as I have, so that we can not only teach but also charge existing businesses for their social media marketing and management, targeted campaign creations, landing page design and development, growth hacking with sales funnels and email marketing systems, and so much more. 

Monetize the trend, before new software does it for us...

I have recently partnered with a team of amazing entrepreneurs (interestingly enough around the same age as I!) that have developed a tool to automate the targeted and high-engaging growth of any given Instagram page. This soon-to-be-launched program is one of many examples; but the point remains. 

As we sit around and watch businesses flock to the nearest non-booked digital marketing firm for their online marketing and brand awareness solutions to grow their business, there are massive multi-billion dollar software and tech companies grinding away relentlessly to fill this sector of the market with tools and platforms to automate it all. 

Now is the time to jump into digital marketing if you can manage to learn the core fundamentals of social media marketing and the other digital marketing strategies that have now recently been consolidated under the umbrella term of "growth hacking". That, or it's the perfect moment to jump into software development, and knock all of them out by automating the tasks they preform as a service.

Either way, millennials are put into a position of power in this decade due to technological advances and all other factors aforementioned. Pull the trigger before it's too late, and grab your piece of the pie!

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Connor Smith

Internet Marketing Professional. Web Designer and Developer. Online Business Development Specialist.