Keep Movin' On - Phone Closing

A super common question within sale closing processes is "how do I move forward from here, after I've 'closed' a sale?".  This blog post is a continuation of my "phone closing" series, and will go into detail about this and how it is that you should handle a client after the initial sale is closed. This advice in this very post will help you keep you in good graces with the client and maintain your rapport, and provide a fool-proof method to providing clear steps moving forward after closing your deals.

Ponder the following scenario. I've been in this exact situation countless times personally; I am on the call with a client. The client, let's say, has requested a website for his business. Let's also state that the agreed price for the project is an easy $1,000. We have discussed in great length the details of the site to be completed, and the client is ecstatic to get going and have his site up and rolling ASAP. All of this in mind, what do you do next? Bid him farewell and a nice rest of his day? No, certainly not. You have to provide clear, easy steps on how to move forward with this client.

So, continuing with the same example, this would be my next steps. I would first portray my own excitement for the project, then explain the steps moving forward verbally (obviously, we're on the phone!). However next, you have to explain the same steps non-verbally. What I find is the best way to lay out the path ahead for a client is to obtain their best preferred email address. A quick note about this; don't ask for their email. Ask for their best, and most frequently checked email. Next, inquire about whether or not they have a preference for the subject line of your soon-to-be-written email, so that when they check their inbox, they expect the email. They will then have a natural reaction of "hey, I was expecting this! Great!" rather than if you just put a standard, boring subject line of your choosing, they will just perceive it as yet another work related email that they have to get back to.

So after you have lined up the clients email with the recipient address being the inbox they will be most likely to see your mail in, and a grabbing subject line of the client's choosing, then proceed to complete the email with a highly detailed, in depth review and summary of what has been discussed, what the project will entail, how long it will take to service and complete or deliver, and how much has been agreed upon regarding cost. It has to be a structured, clear, and written version of the recent verbal conversation for your records, and for the clients. Including a plethora of detail within the email with also heighten the perceived value of the project, so be sure to leave nothing to the wind.

Also, if this hasn't been taken care of in your sales situation thus far by this point in the process, outlay the payment methods easily and clearly to the client so that they are better motivated to take immediate action, and therefore, getting you and your team paid quicker. Always make sure to verify that the payment has been received, and in that same follow up email, mention what will happen next, and when.

Hopefully this post-agreement overview of the sales process has assisted you all with your future closing scenarios. Leave me any questions, comments, or opinions on this post in my "best preferred email" 

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