Compensation Closes - Phone Closing Tip

One of the most basic and frequently encountered objections within your closing efforts will most definitely be price. This being said, you should be preparing yourself to overcome any cost associated objections that might be thrown your way after pitching a service or product and revealing the ugly factor for the client; what it's going to cost them to obtain that product or service.

What I often found myself doing is first, negotiating. However, I've come to learn a super valuable pro-tip for keeping the price high, and therefore, your profits. The tip is as follows; when a price objection from the prospective client/lead is brought into play, then instead of dropping the price as you would figure to be the proper response to such a complaint, stop. Instead, reduce the pressure of the particular price by extending the periods of payment. Rather than getting $750 for a landing page build out in my case, I find that splitting the payment in half greatly reduces the stress on the client, and that they are better able to wrap their heads around the price this way. Have half ($375 in this case) charged up front, then the remaining portion ($375 again) whenever the service has been delivered upon and rendered complete.  

This is a simple quick tip from a professional closer's perspective here. May it guide you in your overcoming of price objections ahead! 

Connor Smith

Internet Marketing Professional. Web Designer and Developer. Online Business Development Specialist.