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The next few blog posts will be regarding sale closing, but specifically, closes that take place only over the phone with a prospective client or lead. This section of posts will overview the best things you can say, and also, definitely the worst. Hopefully this valuable insight will provide a better cellular closing experience for you all! 

Firstly, a pro tip for establishing rapport. In my niche, web design and development, the whole point of the sale is to provide a website that represents the clients passion. This being said, a great way to establish some easy rapport right off of the bat would be to inquire repetitively about the client's passions, occupation, or whatever it is that the website is supposed to portray online. Typically by my experiences implementing this, the client practically closes themselves they get so excited. They practically move forward by almost begging me to help them with their website, which as you could imagine significantly assists the closing actions when price is brought up. The more a prospect talks about things they are interested in, so long as you show genuine interest and attentively show respect and fascination with their passions, they will always feel far closer to you. And, as you have read on my blog before, this is essential. 

So, ask probing and interested questions about the client's interests and passions that are the driving force behind why they want this site in the first place. Appeal to the passions.

Also, after establishing rapport for a couple solid minute and you are comfortable together on the phones as if it isn't simply "client and representative" anymore, proceed to diagnose the unique needs of the client. Assess why they are even talking to you in the first place, then try to help them to the best of your ability honestly.

WHEN VALUE EXCEEDS PRICE, PEOPLE PAY. Every word you say on the phone with a potential client will effect the "perceived value" of whatever it is you are providing them. The clients don't buy the product or service; if you're a good closer that's worth your salt, they buy YOU. So push the value meter sky high strategically with every word out of your mouth. And over the phone, linguistics and verbal tactics are everything. You can't assess their body language, you can't notice them tighten up, flinch, retreat, or any other buying signal that normally would be essential to the closing process. Phone closing is complicated, difficult, and comes with an elaborate code to follow in terms of what will, and won't, contribute positively to the finalization of that particular sale.

Be sure to read my other blog posts on this site regarding establishing rapport to significantly further your knowledge on the sale closing process, and how you have to be more than the average "robotic" and practically inhuman sales rep that people fear interacting with.


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