The Rapport Principle - Closer's Charisma

There are too many concepts to discuss in a single blog post when it comes to sale closing and negotiation. However, one highly central topic within closing that will be the primary focus of this post (and in your sales efforts for that matter) is rapport. For those of you who aren't currently aware, rapport is the comfort, relationship depth, and trust between a client and the sales representative. 

Rapport is absolutely essential for several reasons. These factors that follow ultimately determine several factors of the close, as listed below.

Here are the vital factors that rapport represents within a sale closing situation;

  1. Higher Closing Price

Having a close and solid connection with the prospective client means that when the price pitch is completed, they will be more receptive to a higher number, versus a situation where insufficient rapport was established. In such a situation, closing a deal at the desired, higher price point would not only be far more difficult, but would also merit far more negotiation and in-depth analysis that otherwise could easily be avoided if proper rapport was established earlier in the closing process.

      2.  Easier Up-selling

Additionally, if a lead has high rapport and comfort with the representative or closer in question, then that client will be far more susceptible to additional suggestions for packages that will accompany and compliment the initial package.

There are, of course, other benefits to having a better connection with your clients, existing or prospective. But these 2 are the primary factors that, I find, make the biggest impact with the closing scenarios that I encounter. 

Keep in mind that my niche is web design and development, mainly. These factors are geared towards my niche, however these two in particular are generally considered to be universal.

I hope you all found this helpful, and valuable to your future sale closing and negotiation situations. As always, feel free to contact me for additional consultation and elaboration for any of these topics mentioned within not only this post, but any others as well.

Connor Smith

Internet Marketing Professional. Web Designer and Developer. Online Business Development Specialist.