Dreaming Versus Doing - Action Over Acting

What defines you? You friends? Family? What you dream of? The goals you share with your acquaintances or anyone else?

I believe that part of what defines us as individuals are our goals, objectives, dreams, and milestones. However, what I think what mainly portrays us all and who we are and what we strive for are not what we hope to do in the future, but what we have actually accomplished in the past.

People can be avid dreamers, which is definitely a necessity for acquisition of success, but unless they are just as avid at WORKING as they are at dreaming, they won't make it big. I think that people are better assessed from what they have accomplished, rather than what they say they WANT to accomplish at a later date.

Anybody can dream big, but the people that actually MAKE IT BIG are the people that put hard work and effort into those goals and transfer them to a reality in their life.

So rather than trying to analyze somebody in business or just on a personal level based off of what they WANT to do, look at the far more tangible evidence of what they HAVE DONE.

This phenomenon is much alike the strategies implemented by large corporations, or simply small businesses. Sure, they take your enthusiasm and hopes for your future positions within that company into account, but what really ends up to be the deciding factor at the end of the day are the previous, evident accomplishments of what sets you apart from other candidates and proves your efficiency.

Of course, there are always HR (human resource) Department managers that will hire solely off of high hopes or because they "see something" in people, which often works out, but that is besides the point. You cannot bank off of the hope that will occur in any hiring situation. And just as I am advising strongly to assess others from previous accomplishments, it also must be considered how YOU appear to OTHERS in this regard.

This being said, go out there, work for your dreams, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE. If somebody out there doesn't know who you are, that's only because your PREVIOUS accomplishments weren't LOUD enough to break through the noise of everyone else and STAND OUT.

Make a change in yourself, and in the others you confide in. Make your work speak loudly and represent yourself as a person, both in business and otherwise. Show passion and excellence within every service, every product, and every job well done. The repercussions of instilling change in your life in the name of efficiency and success will pay off. Do something now that your future self will thank you for!

It's better late than never. Work hard, and let your accomplishments speak for you!

Thanks for reading guys. I hope these are valuable to your mindset and business knowledge.

Connor Smith

Internet Marketing Professional. Web Designer and Developer. Online Business Development Specialist.