The 3 Factions Of Influencial People

I work and hustle as hard as I do in my life for my success, for 3 factions of people.

The first are the small group of those who have told me "You can do it". These are those that support. Most people have this group backing them, even if it's just a couple people. They make a difference.

The second, and significantly bigger group, are those of who have told me "You can NOT do it". EVERYONE has this group. Unfortunately, in today's society, there are always people that doubt you, push you down, and discourage you. To me, I use this to fuel me. To motivate.

The third, LARGEST, and most IMPORTANT group of people that I personally strive because of in my life, are those that DO NOT believe that THEY CAN DO IT TOO. This group of people is comprised of 2 types of people. Firstly, people that are jealous of another person's success, and are also belonging to the previous group of people that insult and discourage others out of envy and pessimism. The secondary type of person within this group are the people that RESPECT those who have found success, but doubt they have what it takes to follow suit.

Success is a measurement of mindset, application of knowledge, hard work, and a will to succeed. And EVERYONE can achieve it.

Connor Smith

Internet Marketing Professional. Web Designer and Developer. Online Business Development Specialist.