Success And The Bi-Product, Happiness.

Hey guys! This post refers to success, and why happiness is, or won't be, a bi-product of it.

Success, contrary to many people's belief, is not monetarily measured. Although certain aspects of what cause success can be determined or characterized by the amount of money somebody has, or has previously earned or spent, their success is arguably entirely separate.

Success, to me, is the state of accomplishment of one's goals or dreams. Those goals may, or may not, include riches and wealth what-so-ever. I feel a sentiment of success every time I complete a beautiful, functional website for a client, for example. However, the money that results from completing that service contributes to the over-all APPARENT success that I obtain. When others look at all of the money that a company has earned, they assess the scale and level of success that company has by how much it makes, aside from it's brand identity and marketing, and so forth.

So while revenue, capitol, income, profit, money, and other monetary indicators may portray success of an individual or an organization/corporation, the true meaning and value of success comes from the sense of completion of a goal, target, milestone, or other indicator or progress.

The happiness that an individual has is contributed to more so by the progression of their venture than by the acquisition of income from it. The satisfactory feeling of a "job well done" and the pride of solid, consistent work that helps others or provides value in any way in general is what provides a sense of success and euphoric joy for entrepreneurs or other businessmen alike.

And while those who are more primarily focused on the revenue may feel a similar sense of accomplishment from the money, the people who are in it because of their passion always make it far further in business and find the most success through their innovation and experience.

Success is a very widely used term, and at the end of the day, it is truly "all encompassing" when it comes to the application of it as a term. But when one asks themselves; "what is success?", it can really only be defined uniquely by the individual asking that question. Measurement and indications of success are determined by the person, not by the mass application.

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Connor Smith

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