A Whole new path to success: Ascension Consulting Program

For decades, we are all born into a traditional scholastic system designed to eventually funnel each and every one of us into corporate America to fuel our countries economy. We grew up in school, jumping through all of the necessary hoops without question. Now, the game has shifted entirely - and VERY few are picking up on it.

Last year alone, $49.8 Billion was spent on direct mail for advertising small businesses. In comparison, only $19.9 Billion was spent within the digital marketing space - yet, digital marketing is now the most effective, targeted, and converting marketing strategy in the world without question. Small businesses are absolutely dumbfounded as to how it is that they should be properly marketing their products and services in this new age, and this older generation of business owners are turning directly to people alike myself in the millennial generation for the solution.

Due to the correlation between youth and technology familiarity with things like the very recent uprising of social media (less than 8 years), millennials are becoming the next "go-to" for all things digital marketing and modern advertising.

The entire purpose of a business is to generate profits, and the nature of marketing is to generate cash flow through driving sales to a business. Yet, marketing is always the most difficult and least understood sector of any given business. Every company in the world, even with the best product or service ever, will remain a "hidden gem" without proper marketing efforts being consistently implemented - and now, millennials alike myself are the people positioned best to fulfill this massive demand.

There are ZERO degrees for anything correlating to social media due to the youth of the concept in its entirety; this means that the people that gain clients and income within this space of digital marketing consultation and social media management are the people that can most competently demonstrate their ability to generate ROI (return on investment) for any given company. There's no proper "vetting process" for social media managers, because there aren't any applicable degrees that correlate. It's a huge wave of people claiming to "be the pro". 

This being said, your ability to position yourself as an authority and brand your service powerfully is the difference between you being one of the meager many that float around social, and you becoming a multi-millionaire from providing consultation services or social media management as a service to small businesses around the globe, online and offline. 

My coaching program is a program that will train you how to develop a professional brand, position yourself within this digital marketplace, gain clients on a consistent basis, learn high-level sales tactics and cutting edge prospecting strategies to keep high cash flow for your personal firm, and create valuable content that will demonstrate your competency to the industry and form you into the next authority in the space over an optimized timeline.

When you join the Connor Markets Ascension Coaching Program, you'll be personally coached over 1-on-1 appointments several times per week over Skype, where I will share my screen, show you step-by-step what tools I use to create my content and brand my company and profiles on all social platforms, and you'll also see hands-first exactly how I close clients as large as $10,000 per month for professional consultation or social media management services. 

In addition, you'll also learn the following key processes:

  1. Creating a high converting brand on all of the top social platforms

  2. Leveraging social content to create a wave of inbound prospects and leads (potential sales/customers/clients)

  3. Manual Direct Prospecting Tactics (My personal sales strategy that utilizes primarily Facebook, and LinkedIn to generate a consistent flow of clientele with minimum time and effort investment on a daily basis)

  4. Inbound Attraction Marketing (A very powerful strategy that exponentially increases your inbound sales through referrals, the social proofing theory, and valuable content output using an optimized posting schedule to maximize traffic)

  5. Personal/Direct Sales psychology that will allow you to close a very high percentage of your inbound prospects by being able to better understand a prospect's position, and tailor your pitch specifically to their scenario with customization pitching to make every solution personal to the potential client, allowing you to charge higher, deliver more targeted value when fulfilling your service contracts for the client, and more

  6. Marsupial Method Sales using a referral generation tactic to turn every client you receive into 3 more, consistently growing your clientele exponentially so long as you can manage them all

  7. Speaking of management, you'll also learn project management, CRM (Client Relationship Management) tool integration into your business, fulfillment cycles to service your clients more effectively, and much more

  8. Facebook Ads, Funnel Building, Demographic Targeting, Contexual Ad Campaigns, Retargeting Ad Campaigns, Lookalike Audience Optimization & Targeting, Copywriting, Graphic Design tools, Conversion Rate Optimization, Web Design/Development Outsourcing/Insourcing, and other key digital marketing skill sets

  9. Effective time management, personal development, and auto-didacta (ability to teach oneself content effectively outside of traditional scholastic routes) to be able to continue growth as a well rounded business person while optimizing time expenditures to progress your business at a far faster rate

  10. HR (Human Resources) skillsets, hiring and firing, team expansion, corporate communication systems, team organizational structures, effective associate training tactics, team moral and motivation management and retention, and more

  11. IRS (Internal Revenue Service) 1099 Independent Contractor/Freelancer Tax Returns, LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) Filings, W2 SSN Acquisition Forms, and other legal agreements such as PSA's (Professional Service Agreements) and CCAF's (Credit Card Authorization Forms)

Bonus Value - E-Course Sales Training

In addition to all of the major value points above, there is also another extremely key part of my coaching program. This "bonus value" segment is actually one of the primary reasons people buy into my program, and it has been extremely popular through my social channels. 

With over 355 current members in our coaching programs, this training series features an in-depth consultation whereby I train you on selling a digital marketing e-course (online course) as an affiliate. Every time you make a sale using the strategy I lay out for you (again, step-by-step) over Skype, you generate a direct $500 commission straight into the PayPal or bank account of your choice if a sale on the top package for the e-course is generated, which is exactly what we’ll target for together.

The reason that I include this in my coaching program is actually very powerful, and has liberated countless individuals from their 9-5 jobs, allowed them to gain time freedom and financial stability and even abundance, and so much more. The reason is simple; 

As you work on your primary business with gaining clientele as a consultant and digital marketing specialist, cash flow is initially slower. You have to set up your site, your legal structuring, and begin your sales cycles to start onboarding clients - all of which takes 14-28 days to complete. 

In the meantime, you need cash flow! This is where this bonus comes in. With this part of the coaching program, I personally work with the member until they generate their first $1,000 online within those first 14 days of operations. After those 14 days, I work with the member consistently on a daily basis until their social branding is generating them a stable income of at least $500 per day by securing a single sale for the course product each and every day. Can you do more? Absolutely. Currently, I average anywhere from $500 - $1,500 per day in net profit when I sit down, and hustle my sales process for 3-4 hours straight. 

This being possible within just a few hours, imagine what your income could look like having been at it for an entire day - your income is completely dependent on your motivation and ability to provide consistent application of effort towards the proven sales strategies and techniques that I teach within my program.

Mastering the high-ticket affiliate marketing direct sales game is extremely liberating financially. To have the ability to decide you want to go on vacation, and make all of the necessary funds within the same afternoon, is absolutely revolutionary. And until the digital marketing space was developed, this would be extremely difficult to do. 

At your current job, you're likely generating your income on a fixed, hourly basis. But in the online sales world, your income is dependent on performance and results. When you are trained by a professional specialist alike myself who has been in the game for over 4 years and has countless results to show for it, generating results isn't even in the question in terms of something to worry about. The only variable at that point in time, is whether or not you follow the steps, and put in the time and effort necessary to generate the outcome and end result income that you desire.

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Ascension coaching package options

Tier 1:

In this package level,  you'll not only learn how to sell effectively through extensive sales training 1-on-1 with me, gain access to the Easy1Up Digital Marketing Course Packages and receive in-depth affiliate marketing and personal brand development training to fund your ads for your larger ventures and become financially free, but you'll also receive assistance through several consultations regarding the following key operation points:

  1. Tax returns and legal filings

  2. Website Design & Development

  3. SEO Overview & Key Resources/Contacts Access

  4. High Level B2B (Business-To-Business) Sales Training

  5. High Level B2C (Business-To-Consumer) Sales Training

  6. CRM (Client Relationship Management) Systems, Pipeline Management, Sales Process Delegation

  7. Outsourcing and Partnership Client Fulfillment Paths

Through this package tier, you'll learn everything necessary to begin operating a successful digital marketing firm or individual agency as a contractor, while also empowering yourself and your income to leave your current job if desired to take on the digital world full time.

This coaching package tier is priced at a one-time fee of $1,500 - and then a small monthly consultation retainer fee of $250 per month to compensate me for my time investment to be able to consistently go in, tweak your business, and ensure that you are profiting and retaining a high margin of your sales to generate a significant monthly income. In this tier you'll receive a 1-hour long consultation call with me weekly (will repeat on a fixed weekend day basis). If you don't achieve your first $1,000 within 14 days of using this program, you'll immediately receive a 50% refund upon request. My time is valuable, and must be compensated - but I believe highly in my ability to create and scale effective, highly converting brands online; and yours will be no different.

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Tier 2:

In this package level, you'll receive the following in-depth training to be able to establish your brand and hit the ground running as quickly as possible:

  1. Legal set-up and tax return training

  2. Website design and development consultation for your brand site to inform prospects of your packages effectively

  3. Social media platform design and copywriting training to be able to portray yourself as an authority within your space, generate consistent attention and leads for your sales efforts, and punch through the competition restraints in the market

  4. High-level sales techniques including Inbound Attraction Marketing and Manual Direct Prospecting to be able to gain new clients whenever you desire to increase income and grow your firm

  5. Management skills to be able to insource, outsource, and organize your efforts using task delegation, communication systems, and more in order to automate the maximum amount of your business processes to create a mostly hands-free consultation firm, allowing you to live your preferred lifestyle

  6. Partnership tactics to grow your firm through influencer promotion, working with larger brands, and using major social campaigns to boost brand awareness in your field

This coaching package tier is priced at a one-time fee of $2,000 - and then a small monthly consultation retainer fee of $500 per month to compensate me for my time investment to be able to consistently go in, tweak your business, and ensure that you are profiting and retaining a high margin of your sales to generate a significant monthly income. In this tier, you'll receive a 2-hour Skype call consultations with me once per week (when scheduled 24 hours in advance).If you don't achieve your first $1,000 within 14 days using this program, you'll immediately receive a 50% refund upon request. My time is valuable, and must be compensated - but I believe highly in my ability to create effective, highly converting and impacting brands online; yours will be no different. 

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tier 3:

In this package level, you'll receive all of the above training that is mentioned in the program. This package is the all-in-one, personal coaching experience with me until you reach the income benchmark below. Within this package, we'll work together every day to build up your brand, overcome the market barriers, execute on your 14 day traction period, and immediately begin generating a solid source of clients and therefore revenue for your newly developed personal brand. 

This full blown coaching package tier is priced at a one-time payment of $3,500 - and then a small $750 monthly consultation retainer to compensate me for my time investment to be able to consistently go in, tweak your business, and ensure that you are profiting and retaining a high margin of your sales to generate a significant monthly income. You'll have unlimited access to me over Skype calls and even in person, and you'll also gain my personal cell phone line to contact me around the clock in sales emergencies or other scenarios that demand immediate assistance. In the case that your firm doesn't reach $3,500 in clientele within your first month, you'll again receive a 50% refund immediately upon request. I stand by my service quality, and if you follow the steps, you will easily replicate my exact sales process and brand effectiveness, positioning yourself for massive success within the digital marketing industry.

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